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Welcome to my obnoxious page

munchkin : darkstar-9-25 by Yaluemunchkin : darkstar-9-25 by Yaluemunchkin : darkstar-9-25 by Yalue
Sinner sinner chicken dinner

I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


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Omg guys check this out

Sun Nov 22, 2015, 8:30 PM
Darkstar's Journal

I just remembered I wrote Warriors fanfiction when I was 11
Darkstar's Story: PrologueDarkstar's story: Prologue
Rain poured down as a silhouette of a cat swiftly bolted through the moist undergrowth. The river roared as the cat approached Sunning Rocks. Lightning cracked, revealing the face of a snowy white she cat. The cat was very slim and she bared her ribs, and she had a scar in the shape of a crest on her forehead. She flicked her shadowy black ears as she place three kits she was carrying on the cold ground.  You'll be okay. The wildcats will take good care of you. She thought to herself. The bushes rustled and the she cat bolted. Shadow and Shorty will be ok. But what will become of Scar? But she had no time to change her mind. "I know I heard something!" A cat called out. "Fine. We'll go check it out, just so you'll shut up, Toadleap." A she cat replied. Three Thunderclan cats emerged from the bushes to find three little kits, only weeks old, squirming by the vicious river."Foxtail! Look! They must've been left here!" The third cat, a tom named Treecl
Darkstar's story: chapter 1Darkstar's story chapter one:
It has been six moons sice Darkkit and Shortkit were discovered by the river. Scar's existence remained unknown to most. Foxtail felt she could relax. The russet she cat stalked over to Dirtstar's den, only stopping to observe the kit's play. Darkkit tackled Robinpaw, yowling in truimph. "Look Darkkit, your a good friend and all but.... Robinpaw trailed off. "I'M NOT THAT KIND OF APPRENTICE!" Darkkit held her chin up high. "I know that your training in medicine, but i need someone to practice on and Shortkit is always busy with the others." Darkkit explained. Robinpaw nodded then tackled Darkkit by suprise. As the kits laughed and played, Flamefur bounded up to Windstripe. "Should we tell Shortkit and Darkkit the truth?" He whispered, craning his neck to see if the kits had heard anything. "No. The time will come when they shall know. But for Starclan's sake Flamefur they will be apprentices at Sunhigh. We cannot discourage them." Windstripe replied. Foxta
I was planning on deleting them but I thought that before I do I should show you guys hah

Looking at my current writing, I'm rather proud of my improvement; Like check this piece I wrote back in September for school!
thingFrozen Dreams
Alexandra NOLASTNAME4U | 2A
          I feel myself falling, like my bed swallowed me whole, setting my body ablaze to allow me to burn through the floorboards of my house, into the ground; so far in fact that I find the blood in my vessels freezing from the sudden drop in temperature, my head feels crushed from the sheer air pressure of being in such a high altitude. I plummet through the clouds, the contact of cold droplets scorching my sensitive skin, my ears pop at the quickly falling altitude and like the blink of the eye everything stops. I’m grounded, my bare toes digging into the soft, loamy earth. A faint breeze tousles my hair, and I finally exhale the breath I had no idea I was holding.
            This is a dream. Simply put, this is the depths of the ceaseless universe my brain creates, and I can’t help but be thankful for finding myself cons
 I've improved so much in my two passions <3 Hm, maybe I will keep the old writing up like I keep my old art up. It's nice to look at how far I've come.

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